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Example of digital event agenda on IPhone and location of event
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Tips for Organising Successful Events in Tech Companies for Employees: Digital Event Agendas

In a sector that’s defined by innovation and forward thinking, it’s crucial to reflect those principles in your company events. Providing a modern, digital event experience is key to engaging tech-savvy employees and showcasing your commitment to progress. Utilising advanced event management software and digital event agendas can streamline the organisation process and deliver an […]

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The Essential Roles and Functions of an Event Manager 

An event manager is responsible for overseeing and executing all aspects of event planning and organization. This vital role requires a diverse skill set and involves various responsibilities that come together to create memorable and successful events. In this article, we’ll explore the key roles and functions of an event manager.  1. Conceptualisation and Planning  […]


Embracing the Future: New Audio-Visual Technology Revolutionising the Event Industry

The event industry is always looking for innovative ways to enhance the attendee experience, and one of the most influential factors is the integration of cutting-edge audio-visual (AV) technology. New advancements in AV technology are transforming events by creating immersive environments, facilitating effective communication, and leaving lasting impressions on audiences. In this article, we will […]