Reward to winner in event gamification task

In the world of events, attendee engagement is key. And one powerful tool to boost this engagement is gamification. Event gamification involves incorporating game mechanics into your event to make it more interactive and fun, while also encouraging networking and learning. With our cutting-edge EventApper application, you can bring a variety of event gamification elements to your next business conference or company gathering. Here are some enticing event gamification examples to consider.

1. Points for Participation: our application allows you to set up a system where attendees earn points for various activities during the event. This could include attending sessions, engaging in Q&A, participating in workshops, or networking with other attendees. The more they participate, the more points they earn. Encourage attendees to share their feedback and ideas on event sessions through the app. Offer incentives or rewards for the most constructive or innovative contributions.

Or you can create a networking game that encourages attendees to interact with each other. For example, attendees can earn points for meeting new people or completing “icebreaker” challenges, such as finding someone with a common interest or sharing a fun fact about themselves. At the end of the event, attendees with the most points could be rewarded with prizes, creating a sense of friendly competition and boosting overall engagement.

2. Quiz Competitions: EventApper enables you to host real-time quiz competitions where attendees can participate directly from their mobile devices. Quizzes can be related to the event content, making them not only fun but also a great learning experience. Attendees can see their scores updated live on leaderboards, fostering a sense of competition and camaraderie.

Trivia Contest: Host a trivia contest with questions related to your company’s history, products, services, or industry trends. Attendees can participate individually or in teams, and winners can receive awards or recognition.

3. Interactive Polling: Polling is a straightforward yet effective gamification strategy. You can run polls throughout your event, asking attendees to vote on various topics. This could be anything from asking for feedback on sessions to fun, offbeat questions that help to lighten the mood and spark conversations. Read more about live polling and examples therefore.

4. Scavenger Hunt: With EventApper’s capabilities, you can organise a digital scavenger hunt. Attendees will receive clues and tasks to complete around the event venue. This activity not only makes networking more enjoyable but also encourages attendees to explore different areas of the event.

You can also choose to create clues or riddles related to the event or company values, and have teams search for hidden items or complete tasks. Award points for each task completed and offer prizes to the winning team.

5. Social Media Challenges: Encourage attendees to share their event experiences on social media with a unique event hashtag. This can be tracked and points can be awarded for posts. This not only boosts attendee engagement but also amplifies your event’s online visibility.

Gamification can significantly enhance the attendee experience, turning a standard business conference into a memorable and engaging event. With EventApper, incorporating these gamification elements into your event has never been easier. By gamifying your event, you can create a dynamic, interactive environment that promotes learning, fosters networking, and most importantly, keeps your attendees engaged and entertained.

By incorporating gamification elements into your company gathering, you can create a fun, interactive, and engaging experience that boosts employee participation, fosters team-building, and enhances learning.

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