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Our goal is to provide digital solutions to make your next event a great success!

Who Are We?

We are an innovation firm based in the heart of the Netherlands, passionate about revolutionising the event planning industry.

Our journey began when our co-founder, after participating in and organising several conferences, noticed the challenges and complexities inherent in the process. From managing attendees to coordinating schedules, the process was often fraught with difficulty, leaving plenty of room for improvement.

Drawing on this first-hand experience, we set out to create EventApper – a digital solution that simplifies event management while enhancing the event experience for attendees. Our solution is designed to address the most pressing pain points in event planning, from communicating with attendees to managing event schedules.

At EventApper, we believe in the power of technology to transform experiences. That’s why we have developed an intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates all aspects of event management, making it easier for organisers to focus on what truly matters – creating unforgettable experiences.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to flexibility and customer satisfaction. We understand that no two events are the same, and so we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. We work hand in hand with our clients, adapting our features to their specific requirements, and continually innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

With EventApper, event planning is no longer a daunting task – it’s a smooth, enjoyable journey. Whether you’re an event organiser looking to streamline operations or an attendee seeking a seamless event experience, EventApper is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Join us as we usher in a new era of digital event management. Together, let’s make every event a memorable one.

Flexibility: We adapt to your needs and can customize our platform to fit your event management requirements.
Efficiency: We digitize event management tasks, saving you significant time and resources.
Data-Driven: We provide tools for you to gather and analyze event data, enhancing your future event strategies.
Attendee Engagement: With real-time updates and interactive agenda-setting, we boost attendee involvement and satisfaction.

Here are 4 steps to organise our successful event

How It Works?

Find out everything you need to know about how modern events are created

As an organiser, you will gain access to our dynamic platform. Here, you can initiate the process of crafting your unique event. You have the liberty to select the event type and choose from our array of features that are best suited to your event’s specific needs. Whether you’re aiming for a personalised or non-personalised event, our platform provides the flexibility to tailor-make your event to your liking.

Your event schedule is established within our platform, detailing presentation times, locations, and speaker information. Furthermore, our platform allows you to set up questionnaires for pre-event data gathering, such as dietary preferences, workshop sign-ups, and arrival times for international guests etc.

After the initial setup on our portal, the exciting part commences. Attendees will be invited to download the EventApper app. This is where they can access all the necessary information before and during the event, engage with other attendees, receive updates, and fully immerse themselves in the event experience you’ve carefully crafted.

With EventApper, not only do you elevate your event organisation game, but you also offer your attendees a truly modern and seamless experience.


Creating an event

Log in to our portal and start by creating your event and agenda, gather pre-event data

App download

Once your event is set up, attendees can download the EventApper app and access all the relevant event information. They respond to questions you've asked what helps to arrange any workshops or 1-to-1

During your event

Attendees receive real-time push notifications about the schedule, updates and polls ensuring they stay informed and engaged throughout the event.

Analyse data

Generate the reports generated by EventApper to analyse attendee data, measure engagement, and collect feedback before, during, and after the event.

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