Conferences offer a plethora of benefits to attendees, including learning opportunities, networking, professional development, access to new products and services, inspiration, motivation, and travel experiences.

In today’s world, people seek memorable experiences at conferences, rather than simply attending a talk they could easily find online or discuss with an AI like GPT chat. To meet these expectations, conferences must deliver engaging experiences that make attendees feel their investment is worthwhile. EventApper is the ideal app to help you achieve this goal.

  1. Live Polling

EventApper’s live polling feature increases audience participation during presentations and discussions, creating a dynamic and interactive experience for attendees. By voting and responding to questions in real-time, the audience can engage with hosts, speakers, vendors, and each other, resulting in a more successful and memorable event for everyone. Don’t settle for ordinary events. Create engaging live polling, ask attendees to reply, gather valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections through real-time audience participation.

Here are some examples of live polls that organisers and speakers can create to make the event more helpful and engaging for attendees:

“What is the main challenge your business is currently facing?” Answer options: a) Increased competition b) Financial constraints c) Talent acquisition and retention d) Shifting market trends

“What area of artificial intelligence (AI) applications do you believe holds the most promise for businesses?” Answer options: a) Natural language processing and chatbots b) Predictive analytics and forecasting c) Computer vision and image recognition d) Autonomous vehicles and robotics

“What is the biggest challenge in implementing digital transformation within your organisation?” Answer options: a) Legacy systems and infrastructure b) Resistance to change from employees c) Finding skilled talent for digital initiatives d) Ensuring data privacy and security

“What is the top factor influencing your decision to invest in a new business tool or software?” Answer options: a) Cost-effectiveness and return on investment b) Enhanced productivity and efficiency c) Scalability and flexibility d) User-friendly interface and ease of adoption.

  1. Solution Workshops

Empower your attendees to take control of their event experience by allowing them to choose the workshops they want to attend and actively participate in. EventApper enables the organisation and registration for solution workshops, where attendees gain hands-on experience in solving industry-specific problems. These engaging pre-event activities not only build excitement but also enable attendees to personalise their schedule. With just a few clicks, attendees can explore workshop options, view session details, and secure their spots in the workshops that align with their interests and goals. Let EventApper simplify the registration process and create an engaging atmosphere right from the start, ensuring a memorable and impactful event for all participants.

By allowing attendees to choose their workshops in advance, organisers can generate detailed reports on workshop registrations. These reports offer a comprehensive overview of attendee preferences, workshop popularity, and capacity requirements. This data can be leveraged to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and enhance the overall workshop experience.

  1. 1-to-1 Meetings

Offering 1-to-1 meetings as an option and giving possibility to easily book them through the app is a great way to give attendees the chance to meet with speakers, industry experts, or other attendees. EventApper simplifies the scheduling of 1-to-1 meetings and creates valuable opportunities for attendees to ask questions, seek advice, and establish strong, long-lasting business relationships.

1-to-1 meetings offer a dedicated space for open and direct communication. They enable participants to express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas in a private setting, fostering clear and effective communication between individuals. Here are some ideas of 1-to1 meetings for external business events:

Meantime, if some attendees didnt want to participat in 1-to1-meeting, they can

  • Networking and Relationship Building
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Partnership Exploration
  • Investor Pitches
  • Client Meetings
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Media and Press Engagements
  1. Q&A Sessions

Q&A sessions offer an opportunity for attendees to engage with speakers or industry experts in a live setting. The EventApper app enhances Q&A sessions by providing a comfortable and familiar platform for attendees to submit questions. This approach encourages more participation than traditional “raise your hand” settings, deepening audience understanding and engagement, and contributing to a more successful event overall.

  1. Support and Engage Sponsors

EventApper helps you prioritise sponsors by offering them promotional opportunities, such as incentives and discounts for attendees. This strategy ensures a positive experience for both sponsors and attendees, resulting in a successful marketing.

Consider incorporating a dedicated tab in your conference app where sponsors can showcase their offerings and engage with attendees. This “Sponsors” section provides a platform for sponsors to share information about their company, products, and services, while also offering exclusive discounts or promotions specifically for conference attendees.

By creating this interactive space, attendees can easily access details about each sponsor, explore their offerings, and take advantage of personalised discounts or special offers. This not only benefits attendees by providing them with value-added perks but also benefits sponsors by increasing their visibility and generating potential leads and sales.

Maximise the impact of your sponsors by providing them with a designated area in the conference app, enhancing attendee engagement, and fostering valuable connections between sponsors and participants.

We are proud to be an ultimate tool for modern conference organisation, providing innovative features designed to create memorable, engaging experiences for attendees, while streamlining the planning process for organisers. Try EventApper today and discover the difference it can make for your events!