1. Utilise push notifications: Send timely and personalised push notifications to attendees, informing them of event updates, keynote speakers, or exclusive offers. This will not only keep them informed but also encourage them to engage with the app.
  2. In-app banners and ads: Design eye-catching in-app banners and advertisements to promote event highlights, special sessions, or sponsored content. This will help draw attendees’ attention to the most important information and create a buzz around your event.
  3. Social media integration: Make it easy for attendees to share their event experience on social media platforms by integrating social sharing features within the app. Encourage them to use event-specific hashtags and mention the event or organisation to boost online visibility.
  4. Gamification: Implement gamification strategies, such as in-app challenges or contests, to encourage attendees to engage with the app and explore different event features. Reward participants with points, badges, or exclusive perks, fostering a sense of friendly competition and increasing app usage.
  5. Customise the app’s look and feel: Align the app’s design with your event branding, including colours, logos, and fonts. This will create a cohesive and visually appealing user experience, reinforcing your event’s identity and making it more memorable.
  6. Leverage sponsor opportunities: Offer sponsors in-app advertising opportunities or sponsored content to generate additional revenue while promoting their brand to attendees. This can include sponsored sessions, branded banners, or exclusive offers within the app.
  7. Utilise app analytics: Monitor app usage data and analytics to identify which features or content generate the most engagement. Use these insights to refine your marketing strategies, tailor content, and improve the overall event experience.
  8. Promote the app pre-event: Start promoting the app well in advance of the event, encouraging attendees to download and explore its features. This will help familiarise them with the app, increasing the likelihood that they will use it during the event.
  9. Post-event follow-up: Continue to use the app after the event to share event highlights, survey results, and other relevant content. This will maintain engagement with attendees and provide valuable insights for future event planning.

By implementing these best practices, you can effectively promote your event through the Event Apper app, maximising your event’s reach and engagement while creating a memorable experience for attendees.

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